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OhMyRat! South Africa is an online pet store specializing in cage accessories for small animals such as rats, mice, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, tenrecs, hedgehogs, chinchillas and other small pets.

At OhMyRat! South Africa we sell cage accessories that make your pet cages more fun and entertaining for your small pets. The products that we currently have available are Hammocks, Sleeping Baskets, Sleeping Pouches, Carry Pouches, Nests and Tents.

Should you be searching for one of the below products then you will find it in our on-line pet shop:


  • Rat Hammocks, Rat Sleeping Baskets, Rat Sleeping Pouches, Rat Nests, Rat Tents, Rat Cage Accessories
  • Mice Hammocks, Mice Sleeping Baskets, Mice Sleeping Pouches, Mice Nests, Mice Tents, Mice Cage Accessories
  • Hamster Hammocks, Hamster Sleeping Baskets, Hamster Sleeping Pouches, Hamster Nests, Hamster Tents, Hamster Cage Accessories
  • Gerbil Hammocks, Gerbil Sleeping Baskets, Gerbil Sleeping Pouches, Gerbil Nests, Gerbil Tents, Gerbil Cage Accessories
  • Guinea Pig Hammocks, Guinea Pig Sleeping Baskets, Guinea Pig Sleeping Pouches, Guinea Pig Nests, Guinea Pig Tents, Guinea Pig Cage Accessories
  • Chinchilla Cage Accessories
  • Rabbit Cage Accessories, Rabbit Sleeping Basket

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